Donate and Give the Gift of Hope

Our main source of funding is from the generosity of our donors.

We rely on donors like you to help us protect animals who are victims of cruelty, abuse, acts of violence, and neglect. Although our needs are similar to other law enforcement agencies, we don’t qualify for the majority of government grants available to other police agencies, and are mainly dependent on our donors for necessary support.

Your donations help us provide this incredibly costly service to our community, enabling us to fund critical expenses such as insurance, gasoline, vehicle costs, and more.

Please consider donating to this important cause so that we may continue fulfilling this vital role in the community.

You can donate in any of the following ways:

One-Time Donation

Provide a Monthly Donation

Donate by Check or Money Order:

Please send to:

The Putnam County SPCA

P.O. Box 850

Brewster, NY 10509-0850

Raise Funds as a Member of a Group or Organization:

Please contact us at 845-520-6915